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MYTIME Young Carers
Grant enables charity to fund a Memory Making Activity Day

MYTIME Young Carers was established in 2013 with the goal of providing young carers with much-needed breaks from their caring responsibilities. MYTIME Young Carers have the mission to level the playing field for young carers and young adult carers everywhere by providing support, opportunities and friendship that every child and young person needs and deserves.

MYTIME Young Carers received a grant from the Hays Travel Foundation to fund a Memory Making Activity Day. The activity day was very successful and brought young carers together which allowed them to feel a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation as well as allowing important support networks to be built. These young carers often lack any real sense of identity which can further impact their confidence, mental health, and futures so by trying new things, young carers can develop their self-worth.

MYTIME Young Carers reported that 100% enjoyed taking part, 95% had their mood improved, 94% felt less stressed and 100% felt as though they were part of a community. One participant stated that “I enjoyed when me and my friends brother got to know each other and went down the ramp together, I have made a new friend who I am staying in contact with.”