Applications are currently open for our next Board Meeting on 21st October 2024, and applications for this meeting will close on 21st September 2024.

Please make sure to read and familiarise yourself with the information on this page before applying for a grant from the Hays Travel Foundation. We are passionate about making a difference in our local community and are keen to support any projects that will help us achieve our mission.

Can I apply for funding from the Hays Travel Foundation?

To apply for a grant you must be a registered charity. We have two main criteria that we judge our applications on:

1. Does your project help young people (up to 25 years) develop in at least one of these areas: education, prevention of poverty, health, arts, culture or sports?

2. Does your organisation operate or have an impact in an area in which Hays Travel have a branch?

If your charity is not located in an area in which we operate then you must provide evidence on how your project impacts our local community.

For example: Your charity may have its head office in London, however it works with children in Sunderland.


You are an arts performance institution in Manchester which would like to support underprivileged children from Newcastle attend your course.

For a full list of all our branches please visit:

We encourage all applications, however please note that if your project does not fit the above mentioned criteria it will most likely not be successful.

When will I know if my application was successful?

You should recieve a letter within a week after the meeting informing you of the trustees decission.

In some instances, applications can be deferred and further information might be required by the trustees before a decision is made.

My application was successful, can I apply again?

Each application is judged on its merit and its alignment with our charitable objectives. Applications from organisations that have previously been granted funds are welcomed. However, they will be assessed on a case by case basis and as well on the information provided with regards to earlier project outcomes.  The Board will use its discretion to ensure funds are used to support a range of causes, which may on occasion affect follow-up applications.

My application was not successful, can I apply again?

When you’re application is received, our team will review its content and action it accordingly. If you are unsuccessful then it’s highly likely that you will not receive funding if you reapply for the same project. However, we welcome any applications for a different project.

How will I receive the funding?

If you are successful in your application, a member of the Hays Travel Foundation team will get in touch to request your bank details. Payment will be made by bank transfer and should reach you within 48 hours.

What is expected of successful applicants?

Successful applicants are expected to present a 6 and 12 month report to the trustees outlining how the funding has helped them achieve their proposed outcome. The acceptance letter will mention the dates when the reports are expected. To help make this easier, a report template will be provided.

The Hays Travel Foundation also welcomes any invitation to meet with your organisation and its team to learn more about your project.

Any press releases or mentions should be shared with the Hays Travel Foundation prior to their publication.

Lastly, we have our own designated social media channels. Any mentions should tag our Facebook or Twitter page. We would also appreciate your support if you would like and follow both pages.



Date of next meeting?

Our next meeting will take place on 21st October 2024. Applications received before this date will not be reviewed until the next meeting, however depending on the volume of applications this may be deferred to a later date. Our team will contact you in due course with a confirmed date. Applications will go on a waiting list and will be reviewed as soon as possible. Due to the high volume of applications, we recommend that you request funding for projects starting in late 2024/2025.

Any other information

If you require any further information or if you need any help with your applications you can get in touch with our team by:

Telephone: 0191 814 8094


Is there a limit to how much funding I can apply for?

We do not have a limit as to how much funding you can apply for from the Hays Travel Foundation, however we do have an annual budget that we must adhere to. Our grant sizes range from £2,000 to £15,000, and during the past year, our average grant was around £3,500. Each application is reviewed and approved based on merit and how much impact it will have on young people's lives.

What can I apply for funding for?

The Hays Travel Foundation Trustees fund specific projects that will make a difference to young people’s lives with clear expected outputs and outcomes, which can be evaluated to demonstrate value. If your application for funding is to cover solely staff salaries or core running costs, it is unlikely that this will be approved. However, if the project cannot take place without accounting for some staff costs, the trustees will review your application and it will be awarded on merit following their review.