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City Breaks

Why City Breaks?

Our exciting city breaks are the best way to see somewhere new and immerse yourself in another culture. With a number of city destinations that are easily reachable within a few hours flight time, we offer breaks in picture-perfect cities including holidays to Rome, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona, as well as further afield options like holidays to New York.

Jetting off for a city break gives you the chance to enjoy an exciting, culture-rich trip across a wide range of must-see destinations. From strolling along the beautiful boulevards in Paris to immersing yourself in Krakow’s rich history, there’s no better way to see the world than with a Hays Travel city break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best European city breaks?


Europe’s cities are second to none. These are some of our favourite city breaks in Europe: 

Copenhagen: Quirky & eclectic, the Danish capital offers a great taste of Scandinavia.

Paris: Romance is everywhere in Paris: the perfect city to take your partner. And with just an hour and a half’s flight time, France holidays are a breeze. 

Dubrovnik: This exciting Croatian city promises a capital short break with historic architecture and endless culture.

Reykjavik: Comprised of daringly modern architecture and surrounded by icy mountains, Reykjavik is not like most European city breaks.

Where are the best city breaks for winter?

Looking for a winter escape for your short break? Europe offers countless city destinations that are spectacular in the winter.

Brussels: Belgium’s capital becomes a winter wonderland through the colder months, with a famed Christmas market.
Berlin: Incredibly cool and offering landmarks from throughout history, Berlin is an ideal city break in any season. But with its enchanting Christmas light display and markets, it’s a must-see in winter.
Krakow:There’s nothing quite as perfect as winter in Krakow’s old town as the picturesque architecture peeps out from under a blanket of white.
Amsterdam : There are around 75 museums in Amsterdam, with something to entertain every interest possible. Escape the cold in this charming Dutch city.

Where are the best city breaks for summer?

The best summer city breaks are those that have all the bustle and culture of a metropolis, with a beautiful coastline to soak up the sun. Here’s our top picks: 

Barcelona: From the Gothic quarter to designer shopping, and cocktail bars to beachfront promenades, Barcelona is the city with it all.
Ibiza: With unbeatable nightlife as well as a gorgeous old town, Ibiza has everything you need for a summer city break.
Lisbon: Spend your time on your Lisbon city break exploring it’s meandering cobbled streets and try your hand at surfing.
Palma: This stunning Spanish city is nestled between turquoise waters and verdant mountains. Need we say more?

Where are the best weekend city breaks?

If you’re jetting off for a weekend away, you want the shortest flight so you can enjoy as much time in your destination as possible. Our favourite short-haul destinations are: 

Stockholm: With direct flights from the UK that take under 3 hours, this colourful city is ideal for a weekend break.
Venice:Quintessentially Italian, Venice is an amazing weekend break. Plus, you can take a gondola ride down the canals that is longer than the flight to get you here.
Prague: Go east on a city break to the Czech Republic. Prague’s historic city centre and everything within it will make you swoon.
Dublin: With a 1 hour flight time, the aeroplane wheels will have barely left the UK before you land in this enchanting, musical city.

What are the best budget city breaks?

There are many fabulous European cities where the cost of living is a lot lower than we’re used to here in the UK - so you don’t have to take a huge spending pot! Here are our favourite cheap city breaks:

  • Athens: With high temperatures, a fascinating history and mouthwatering food, it’s hard to believe that the Greek capital has such low costs. 

  • Krakow: Krakow is a fantastic cheap city break famed for its affordable bars and cafes that are full of character. Plus its market square is great for bagging bargains! 

  • Budapest: Not only are things surprisingly cheap on a Budapest holiday, but it’s sensational array of sights mean you don’t need to spend to have fun. Simply stroll and take in the views!